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BidsInfo Tenders Information Service

A Tender or Bid is a formal, structured invitation to suppliers/ contractors/ service providers for Supply/ Provision of Products or Services. For example, a Government may put a Building Project 'out to tender' that is, publish an invitation for other parties to make a proposal for the building's construction, on the understanding that any competition for the relevant government contract must be conducted in response to the tender, no parties having the unfair advantage of separate, prior, closed-door negotiations for the contract. An evaluation team will go through the tenders and decide who will get the contract.

BIDSINFO keeps you updated with information on Tenders, Bids, RFPs, RFQs, Prequalification & Expression of Interests issued by Multilateral/ Bilateral Funding Agencies, Federal/ State Governments, Government/ Private Agencies etc. Tenders are covered from all over the globe and our Tenders database is updated on daily basis. We cover more than 50 sectors and our major focus is on Middle East, >, Africa, Asia & European Countries.

BidsInfo Projects Information Service

BIDSINFO provides you with information on Projects from all over the Globe from different sectors like Construction, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Engineering, Real Estate, Hospitals, Transportation etc. We also keep you updated on the progress of the Projects from the Planning state to the Completion Stage.

BidsInfo Business News Information Service

BIDSINFO Business News Service provides you News updates & happenings from all over the globe. The Business News Service keeps you updated on News related to different sectors like Telecommunications, Information Technology, Markets, Education, Construction, Projects, Procurements, Corporates, Oil & Gas etc. Our vast News database is continuously updated to provide the end users with fresh and accurate news.

BidsInfo Research Service

BIDSINFO also provides Services like:
.. Online Research of Business Information like Business Reports/ Documents etc.
.. Data Collection like Company Database/ Directory Research etc. from all over the Globe
.. Image to Data Conversion
.. Other Data Processing & Data related works
BIDSINFO can also provide customized solutions/services with specific business requirements.

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