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Attributes of a Good Tender/Bids

Posted on: 10th Mar 2020 (#ref: 3)

Attributes of a Good Tender/Bids

A Tender is a formal, structured invitation to suppliers/ contractors/ service providers for supply/ provision of products or services, it is a bidding process utilized by both public and private organizations.

Attributes of the perfect Bid/Tender proposal :

1. Understanding the purpose of the Tender.

First, understand the purpose of the tender. Your success ratio depends upon how best you understand what is the requirement and how effectively you can respond to that by offering the best bid in terms of solution.

2. Explain, why you are the best to execute this tender.

Then try to analyse how you can convince the buyer or the tender Issuer that your company will be the best to execute that particular project. Your Bid offer has to communicate the best about your company and the capabilities of your organization. Your Bid-Offer may play an important role with the decision-makers. Explain clearly in a professional manner how you are going to execute the project and offer the Issuing company value for his money. Your Bid offer should reflect a positive and professional approach without any ambiguity. Mention the resources including the experience and qualification of the team who is going to execute the project. Specify clearly how you are going to meet the deadlines.

3. Knowing your Competitors.

You should also be aware of the market in which you are operating. Who all are your Competitors. What are your competitor's Strength and Weakness? Based on that you can devise your Unique Selling Proposition and how your organization is different than others. Accordingly, your Bid offer should be drafted clearly mentioning how you are going to achieve the objective of the buyer.

4. Writing a Bid is a Skill.

Writing a bid is a Skill. Many time Bids are lost due to poor writing and message is not clear. Don’t give any Illogical reasoning in your Bid Offer. Your opening sentences should be attractive enough to generate interest in the buyer. Try to add some information which might be of interest to your buyer and he might not be knowing so that he should remember you for providing him additional Knowledge. Try to Propose some Innovative solution if you have any which might attract the tender or Bid Issuing Officer.

Address each and every points or criterion laid separately. Whatever supporting document you want to attach you can do it as an appendix rather than in the middle of the offer. Your bid offer should convey a message that you understand the requirement of the bid issuer by submitting information and proposals that demonstrate your knowledge of the area you are working in, your experience and the skills that you would bring to the work.

There are many factors which are critical and decide who wins the contract but how you prepare the Bid-Offer is an important step which may get you close to that winning contract. It gives you an opportunity to introduce your business and highlight the capability of your organization.

Remember there is no right or wrong way to prepare a good bid proposal but the way approach to that particular bid matters a Lot.